iPad's Issues And Its Fixes

Facing any technical issue with your Apple iPad? Don’t panic, we are here to provide you fixes for your iPad’s technical issues.

Some of the iPad issues and their fixes are given below:

1.   iPad won’t turn on

In case that your iPad won’t turn on, try these methods:

a.    Restart your iPad-Sometimes just rebooting your iPad will be a solution for your problem.

b.    Reset your iPad- Press the “Sleep” button and the “Home” button simultaneously for minimum 10 sec until logo can be seen on the screen. And don’t worry this reset won’t affect your files.

2.  iPad touch-screen is slow or does not respond

Your iPad’s screen is the only way to interact with your iPad and by any chance, it is running slow or gets hang due to any reason that makes you go crazy. In that scenario, first, try to clean your screen after unplugging and turning off your iPad.

Warning: Don’t use Windows cleaner and paper towel.

Or if you have any screen protector, remove it and try to run your iPad without it.

3.    Wi-Fi connection is not working on your iPad

In this case first, try to turn off and turn off your Wi-Fi. If still your Wi-Fi is not working follow the following steps after ensuring that your Wi-Fi router and a modem is on:

a. See your Wi-Fi software is updated or not. If not then update it.

b. Otherwise, turn your iPad off and on by holding the On/off button until “slide to power off” comes on your screen. Do the same thing with your Wi-Fi router too.

c. Still, your Wi-Fi is not working then go to Setting->General->Reset->Reset Network Setting.

4.  Charging problem with your iPad

In case you are facing problem in charging your iPad.Then, you can try to charge it by connecting it to a power outlet or by connecting to your computer port.

Note: Sometimes you can see “Not Charging” message on your iPad screen when it connects to your computer port as a computer is sometimes unable to be the source that supplies enough power for charging.

And you are still facing the same issue you can contact to iPad Customer Support Numbers

5. iPad’s battery gets discharged easily

In such cases, try these steps to fix this issue:

a.    Switch off your Setting of Data Roaming-In older iPad's also this is one the reason for draining your iPad’s Battery.So switch off your Data Roaming Setting and for this go to Setting>Cellular Data>Toggle Off.And restart your iPad.

You can toggle On again when you need to use your data while roaming too.

b.    Many times your iPad uses extra energy when some app is in stuck mode. In such scenario switch off your iPad And then charge it.

6.  Problem with any particular App on your iPad

Whenever your iPad is creating problem while running any particular app. In that case, first of all, be ensure that your iPad is updated to the latest iOS version.And your iPad’s OS is already updated then check whether your app is updated or not.

Still, your app is not working properly on your iPad then try to reinstall it.

If you are still facing your issue or you are facing any other issue with your iPad then you can visit Apple's Support website.

For Mac Customer Support Number, you can visit .