The Solution Of outlook problems


Outlook is one of the personal information managers of Microsoft. It is also the available part of Ms office suite. This software is used for sending and receiving the emails. It is also used as a stand alone application.  


The ms office software app is also available for mobile platforms like Android and ios. This software is also mobile friendly. Note taking, web browsing, task manager, and the journal is also included in the Microsoft Outlook. Now In this article, I am going to talk about the problems of outlook and explaining its solution.

There are some problems in MS Outlook which are as follows: 

1.    Rename OST 

2.    Adjust Calendar Permissions  

3.    Outlook is too sluggish 

4.    Delete/rebuild profile  

5.    Outlook crashes unexpectedly 

6.    Run with reset nav 

7.    Scan PST 

8.    Archive  

9.    An email on the office PC does not show up on his laptop  

10.    Migrate PSTs from the server  

11.    The user  is sending out spam emails 

12.    Disable Add-ons 


The solution here to starve the PST. That the user needs to remove everything that is causing PST to bloat up. The folder called is larger than the 100 kb in outlook. It contains all emails. These emails are larger than 100kb. You will delete all unwanted old emails. If the user needs an attachment, save to the disk. That could do wonders archiving. Archive the emails by year. There are two straight solutions for the problem of outlook.  


•    Manually copy the PST file from one laptop the others. The laptop has all the emails, copy its PST to the other manually. Then restart the Outlook. 

•    Switch to IMAP protocols that synchronize the mail on the server of the mail in Outlook. 


The reason behind this problem can be a malware infected computer with access to his email address or his email account will be hacked. The user will change the password can solve the final problem. If he unable to do so. The user will contact support and report the issue immediately. The problem is the former, scan his entire hard disk. It will scan with a premium antivirus and the other than his regular one. Microsoft also inbuilt Scan PST.exe. The Scan PST.exe proves to quite effective in that condition. The user can also find it within his Outlook installation Folder. It just runs it should be all.  

If the user wants to find any type of information that is related to Microsoft Outlook then the user will contact the Outlook Support Number and the other option to visit this site: