FAQs about Lenovo Laptop by Students

In current time, every student needs Laptops for doing their work efficiently. And as Lenovo Laptops top their list of preferences, here are some FAQs about Lenovo Laptops by students. 


Lenovo is the world's largest supplier of Laptop by holding 21.3% shares in the market. Lenovo delivers 55.5 million laptops in a number of countries. 

So, when students go for purchasing the laptop, Lenovo  Laptop win their preference list by holding the 1st position. 

Here is the list of FAQs about Lenovo Laptops which is usually asked by students: 

1. What factors should I need to keep in my mind when I'm trying to find laptop who does all my task as fast as possible? 

Student's usually spend their most of the time with their gadgets like Laptop, mobile, etc. Therefore, it is very necessary to have a fast laptop. 

As in College, multiple tasks from entertainment to study, students do all their work on their laptop only. Thus, when you are choosing the laptop keep in mind the type of work you are going to do on your laptop. For example, for students who need to use MS Word or Adobe Reader doesn't need heavy RAM Laptop but who need to work on any programming software such as C++, MATLAB require more RAM. 

Usually, Lenovo Laptop having more than 2GHz processing capability is best for the student.  

2. Which Operating System suits me well to do multiple tasks for college? 

From Windows 7 and all above version of windows is best for students who love to work with Microsoft product. And students who love to work on iOS, they can work on any latest Apple iOS system. 

Usually, all student's web portals are most compatible with Windows 7 and above versions of Windows. 

3. Which Lenovo Laptop have the longest battery life? 

This is one of the most frequently asked questions since the battery is what you need to operate your laptop for long hours in college. 

Lenovo X Series: This the best option for students who need the laptop with the battery life of 10-20 hrs with a single charge. 

Yoga Lenovo Series: This seems the best choice for those who want a laptop which is said to carry and light in weight along with a long battery life. 

4. How much memory do I need for my college course? 

For normal college works which include working on word documents, excel spreadsheets, saving the number of PDFs, etc, 4GB RAM and a 320GB hard Drive is sufficient for you. 

But if your college course requires working on heavy programming software like Netbeans, Eclipse, Turbo C++ or you are a game lover, then the laptop with 16GB RAM is best for you. 


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