The Major Problems of iPhone 6 Plus

The iPhone 6 plus is one of the best smartphones of iPhone series. The iPhone 6 plus was marketed and designed by Apple Inc. The iPhone 6 plus was released on 19 September 2014. There are some features in iPhone 6 plus that makes its best. The most features in iPhone 6 plus are a fast processor, large 5.5 inches (140mm) display, upgraded camera and improved Wifi and LTE connectivity.  

The iPhone 6 plus received with critics regarding its improved design, camera, battery life as being an improvement over other iPhone previous models. Now I am going to talk about the major problems of iPhone 6 Plus.  If you have any query related to this then you can visit us on iPhone Customer support number

These are some major problems in iPhone 6 plus which the users face in their smartphones. 

1.    Glitch: GPS not working in iPhone 6 Plus- Quite you have run into an issue with GPS function in your smartphone. You might be using Apple maps and Google maps that employ. These are the employs of GPS. But you find some issue such as a very slow update. GPS will work properly when you will connect your iPhone 6 Plus with wifi. 

2.    IMessages or texts cannot send or receive in iPhone 6 Plus- You are struggling with an issue in your smartphone where one or multiple contacts are unable to receive messages and texts from your iPhone 6 Plus, you will receive texts from other contacts. Some people are not unable to send text messages in your iPhone 6 Plus.    

3.    Unable to update to IOS 10 version in iPhone 6 Plus- Every time a new IOS version rolls out, some users have trouble with the update in iPhone 6 Plus as discussed on that thread in the Apple Forums.  

4.    iPhone 6 Plus is slow or lagging- It has been some iPhone 6 Plus reports becoming sluggish, after receiving an update. If you will find that there will delay when swiping or tapping, or perhaps apps will take you some time to open then there are many things that you can try. 

5.    Screen freezes of iPhone 6 Plus- Some iPhone 6 plus users have found that their iPhone 6 Plus display become unresponsive when they are using the apps on their smartphones. This type of problem has been reported on Apple forums much time including here and seems to be especially on iPhone 6 Plus running IOS 9.3.1 and IOS 9.3.2. This type of problem is mostly facing the users in a single day.  

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